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Pera di Fassa

An historical mountain lodge located at the bottom of the famous Vajolet towers and Rosengarten mountain. It welcomes climbers, hikers and real fans from all over the world, in a friendly and familiar environment.

Vigo di Fassa - Str. de la Veisc, 89

The refuge Roda di Vaèl is situated on the saddle of the Ciampaz, at a hight of 2283 meters and in the middle of the Catinaccio. Regarding the mountain lodges, it is one of the points of reference of this famous mountain group that was enlarged and renovated.

Campitello di Fassa - Passo Sella Col Rodella

Pozza di Fassa - Loc. Aloch

Campitello di Fassa - Loc. Val Duron

Passo San Pellegrino - Località Fuciade

Mazzin - Località Antermoa

Pozza di Fassa

The Mountain lodge passo Principe offers 25 beds and a warm shower, as well as a small bar and a warm cuisine of typical local dishes. Big terrace with amazing views.

Vigo di Fassa

The mountain lodge Vajolet is located in the area of the Catinaccio below the Vajolet Towers and at the centre of numerous walks, excursions and vie ferrate. Numerous climbs of varying difficulties (East wall of the Catinaccio, Punta Emma and Vajolet Towers)...

Vigo di Fassa - Loc. Ciampedie

The Trottners welcome you at the Baita Checco. It is not a simple hut, but a restaurant at a high altitude, at 2.000 m into a unique scenery in the world, the Dolomites of Fassavalley...

Pozza di Fassa - Località Monzoni

The mountain hut Vallaccia is located between the alpine meadows below the top of Vallaccia and Cima 11 in a panoramic position over the entire Marmolada Monzoni Group.

Falcade - Loc. Passo Valles, 2

Pozza di Fassa - Strada de Gardeccia

Pozza di Fassa - Loc. Val Contrin

Pozza di Fassa - Loc. Buffaure - Col de Valvacin

Pozza di Fassa - Loc. Vajolet

Vigo di Fassa

Vigo di Fassa

In summer it is possible to book a room in the mountain lodge Ciampedie, so you can pass a peaceful and relaxing evening, far away from the chaotic cities. We offer half board and B&B and the kitchen is followed directly by the family. The mountain lodge is...

Canazei - Pian dei Fiacconi, Località Fedaia

Canazei - Passo Fedaia, 5

Falcade - Loc. Cima Pradazzo

Vigo di Fassa - Loc. Ciampedie

Pozza di Fassa

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